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The Let Down Reflex:Part II

Deirdre Donoghue

June 07, 2016

"Do you find that the experience of being a parent in the art world affects mothers differently than fathers, or primary caregivers more than non-primary caregivers?"

The Politics of Being a Parent in the Art World

Gregory Sholette 
March 4, 2016

"The Let Down Reflex is essential viewing for anyone engaged with issues of caring economies, so-called “women’s work,” or the question of living wages for the art world’s service workers."

Home Affairs at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space

Karren Brummund 
February 24, 2016

Home Affairs, an artist collective in The Let Down Reflex, is a collaboration between Arzu Ozkal, Claudia Costa Pederson, and Nanette Yannuzzi. They are skilled at creating dialogue. Their project, “And Everything Else,” not only raises the issues of parents but also questions our value of work vs. living. I’m excited for them to share more about why this conversation matters in the interview below.

And Everything Else

Claudia Pederson

March 01, 2016

The idea of the maternal as a historically and socially constructed process is a relatively recent theme in feminist art and thought, emerging in politically engaged work in the 1960s and ’70s. In the United States, this topic was a major focus of Adrienne Rich’s poetic and activist challenge to traditional notions of motherhood. Her “motherhood as experience” and “motherhood as enforced identity and as political institution,” continue to resonate among feminists today.

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